Who we are

Peach Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd was founded in June 2013 with the main purpose to enter the market to design unique business software.

Whether you're looking to build an application from scratch; evolve and upgrade an existing product, or future proof your idea - we have a Proven Track Record, Expertise and Tech Talent to bring your vision into fruition fast and cost-effectively.

From idea and proof of concept to the actual development, testing, launch and beyond, we combine development, UX, security and advanced software engineering methodologies to help our clients build highly efficient ROI driven products and take advantage of the IoT, Cloud, Big Data, VR/AR, machine learning, AI, and other modern technologies.

Technology roadmaps require vision, forethought, hindsight and experience. You know your business and we know how to make the most of your technology investments.

ROI driven software solutions result in positive impact through cost savings, revenue generation and sometimes both.

Starting at the business goal level, we aim to future proof your technology investments by confirming the initiative with clearly defined deliverables.

We use our tools and frameworks to speed up your product development and time to market, and to save your software budget / operating costs and deliver a final product that will resonate with your target audiences’ expectations and make a difference in your niche!

Why Choose us

Impeccable Customer Service

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Our team is built of designers who can write code and design visuals, developers who can build interfaces as well as web strategists who can connect it all. And they are passionate about it.

Project Management

When it comes to handling projects, we give equal justice with each one of them. To bring client’s expectation and our performance on the same stand, we completely devote our resources. We value the time and strictly follow it to ensure timely delivery of the project. Right from the start, we ensure the sublime project management along with a dedicated Project Manager and keep the track of the project.

Internet of Things

The customization and automation potential has never been greater with a combined IoT and mobility solution. Users can set their preferences, schedule events, create alerts, make adjustments on the fly and much more. With the advancement in sensor nodes you can even create automated workflows and alerts for maintenance, repair and overhaul automation.

Actual Results

At Peach SS, we emphasize innovation with measurable success. Our goal is to be a valued partner that becomes indispensible in achieving market dominance. You want to make a mark and change the world for the better and we want to help you get there!


We have produced embedded firmware and software solutions for inspections, safety and security, visitor management, identity management, access control, biometrics and other industries, provided remote control interfaces for electronics and integrated with many types of machine sensors and communication engines. Our breadth of experience in all of these areas makes us an ideal mobile development partner.

Our Skills

C# 90%
C++ 70%
Python 80%
Java 60%
Xamarin 75%
Cold Fusion 55%
ASP 75%
PhP 65%

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