Building your App

Typically, the design is created after the functionality and development have been defined and agreed upon. We compile a list of what needs to be designed (icons, splash screens, tab icons, 2D/3D modeling, characters and other assets) and submit it to our mobile design team.

We conduct tests within each iteration of the app development process, but we also perform a beta testing to check the compatibility with real life scenarios and user cases. By identifying errors, bugs and gaps, we are able to fix apps in a timely manner. This will allow for the release of a bug-free product, which will save you money by eliminating post-release bug fixing.

App release

After you accept a deliverable, we confirm that the app complies with Appleā€™s App Store policies and requirements. Once this is confirmed, we publish the app and optimize it to enable easy discoverability.

In order to launch an iOS app through the Apple App Store, we help you establish an iTunes Connect account. Once this account is setup, you can easily publish more apps using the same account.

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